Simultaneous translation language interpreter booths
Convention Company Limited has a headset translation systems, infrared systems, UHF and RF.
It also has a Tour Guide for use in various forms as appropriate.
Using high quality branded Brahler ICS from Germany.


Portable INFRACOM receivers form part of the INFRACOM system, which is used for the wireless transmission of sound by infra-red.
For this purpose, the audio signal is converted into a frequency-modulated infra-red light signal and emitted through transmitting diodes. 
The INFRACOM receiver is equipped with a concentrating lens. This is used to pickup the light signal, which the receiver then converts back to an audio signal, that can be listened to on headphone.
The INFRACOM receiver has been designed to receiver twelve channels with an audio frequency range of 125...8000Hz. The use of ultramodern components, such as ceramic filters and ceramic oscillators as well as a newly developed integrated circuit guarantee a high quality of reception, & reliability. The design of the INFRACOM receiver is compact, and, it only weighs around 120 grams. It can be worn either by fastening it to an item of clothing by means of a clip on its back plate or with a lanyard hung round the user’s neck. Different light-weight head phone models are available as accessories.
Operation is self-evident, requiring no instruction. The unit is activated simply by Pressing its START button. The START LED lights up briefly as an indication that the unit is operating properly.
A rotary selector is used for tuning to the different channels. Deactivation of the receiver is automatic if more than 120 seconds elapse in which no infra-red signal is received. It is thus possible to switch off all the receivers in a given room simply by interrupting infra-red transmission briefly. If a receiver is taken out of the meeting room, it will also switch itself off automatically. The same thing happens if the headphone jack is removed. These automatic deactivation functions ensure that the receivers operate in an energy-saving manner.
The receiver is equipped with an acoustic circuitry to remind the user to return the receiver.As an option by implementing INFRACOM-guard controller CIX1 and an unobtrusive transmission line, doorways, entrances and exits Can be appropriately safeguarded; i.e.

Interpreter Booth for two interpreters


Description 160x160 Cm.

The portable interpreter booth provides working accommodation for two interpreters. It occupies a surface area of 160x160cm and its height is 200cm (external measurements). It is made up of three modular side panels (80.0x200 cm), four windows modules (80.0x200 cm), one door module (80.0x200 cm), and two roof modules (80x160cm). The whole booth can be assembled by means of hook fastenings.

The dimensions and weights of the individual modules have been de­liberately selected so that they can be readily transported and assembled by one single person.
The modules are linked by hooks that can by fastened by means of a hexagon socket screw wrench (type 7), which is stored below the working surface. The fastening hook must be in the open position.
The vertical modules are made of a robust outer hardwood frame which surrounds a central panel made of a soundproofing laminate material. There are three types of vertical modules: side wall modules, door modules with permanently hinged booth door and window modules glazed with shatter­proof safety glass. The outside surface has a hard-wearing finish that can be supplied in different colours and decors. The inside surface is covered with a robust, sound-absorbing felt material, thus helping to avoid scratching when the booth modules are stacked for storage or transport. The booth door has a rubber seal, which also contributes to an optimum level of sound-proofing.
In addition, two reading lamps should be provided for each booth,
The booth is designed to accommodate two interpreters, each of whom has a working width of 80cm. A 45 cm deep working-surface module is fitted inside the booth (working height 75cm). The working surface holds both a shelf for the working documents below the table top and an invisible cable trunk at the end of the table to provide for easy connection of the interpreter consoles




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