ConvenTech Co., Ltd. Founded in 1990, the service provider for conference, meeting & seminarthe project.
Such Simultaneous Interpretation System, Discussion Microphone, Voting Systwm, Teleprompter, Tour Guide System, and Accessories. The need for integration of the Conference or Seminar. Serving provider organizations, government agencies, private companies with a professional team. Experience over 20 years, we are pleased to serve both large and small.
A team of expert technicians will ensure your job to come out perfectly. And settled in at a friendly price.

Product Service

Simultaneous Interpretation System

ConvenTech Co., Ltd. provides Simultaneous Interpretation System. The system has an infra-red devices, infra-red digital devices, that use the technology from Brahler ICS's high quality companies from Germany.
UHF RF, Wireless Digital systems and systems for applications in various formats. Appropriate The large meetings or conferences we are ready and smaller devices.
Fully equipped service According to customer demand

Voting system

The current consensus or vote on the cutting edge. By vote Real time processing and display using the digital voting equipment. Votes this machine can be used for your meeting. To address comfortable in. Call for Comments
Or satisfaction in the conference by using a convenient and easy way to let you know the results.
The immediate response


To add personality and the ease of the opening ceremony. Teleprompter ready to help you. You do not need a paper read to the person holding the photo. Just take prompter show your scripts easier for you to talk or said in the ceremony.
We also have a studio ready for use with cameras in the script or scripts you.
Comfortable in the recording and we are ready to serve you.

Discussion Microphone

The system shall be an firms we use high-quality equipment.from Brahler ICS company from Germany. This system can control the on - off microphone by computer software that is specific.
Our discussion microphone by Brahler ICS control system from Germany and only by a qualified technician.





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