Horizonal Laptop Flip Top To Bottom Scroll (Laptop Podium reflector)
Bottom to Top Scroll (standard) Reverse Mirror Text, NO VGA hardware reverser need.
Dual Monitor Head video Standard window's user interface
Mouse Wheel doubles as a hand-controller Mouse Movement Speed Control.
Rich Text or Plain Text format. Scrolls in foreign languages (RTF)
Multiple Font Type & Sizes per single line. Floating Control Bar (Forward, Pause, Reverse, etc)
Full-featured text editor included. Automated Timer Cue Mode for one person shoots.
Half Screen/Full Screen Edit Mode Use any window's foreground & background colors. 
Real-Time Fading on Image backgrounds. Color bars and Countdown generator for video.
Text Search and Replace. Adjustable output window position and size.
Script file size upto a half MEG x 8 Print a hard copy using current display fonts.
Vertical Line Spacing Adjustment. Reload and Loop Text



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